Being Held Accountable

Yesterday, I had an off day, I felt exhausted and tired from the long weekend, it was flat out busy and I felt like I needed a break.  The weather was absolutely miserable as it is every Wednesday it seems on “hill” night.  I reached out to my Pod early in the afternoon and said, that I was not feeling it today, that I was not wanting to go.  Well, my phone lit up with so many messages of encouragement and motivating comments.  My heart strings were pulled, but still felt awful and really did not want to go.  I had my mind set, I was not going.  All afternoon, my Pod members were encouraging me to go.  On my way home, I called my husband who was working away and said I was not attending hills night, and he said good, you need a break, your tired and the weather is awful, I don’t want you to get sick.  So I felt good, I made up my mind, I was not going.  Then I got home and my mentor snap-chatted me a whole bunch of times with these funny, amazing words of encouragement, so I put on my pants, shirt, shoes to go to hills night.  On my way out the door, my oldest boy said to me “Mom, your doing great, your going to do amazing tonight on the hill.  I am so proud of you” – well after that with tears in my eyes, I put on my jacket, kissed my boys, and off I went.  On my way, I texted my husband and said “off to hills tonight”, his response was “ok?”.  I am sure he thought I lost my marbles.  On my way driving the wind is blowing, the rain is coming down hard and I am thinking, there is no way I am doing this.  Like I told you guys before, I am a weather girl and I don’t do this kind of weather.  I got to the hill 15 minutes before it was time, and I am still thinking to myself, I can still back out, I did not tell my Pod I was coming.  Again the rain and wind are blowing, I see Team Myles members collecting at the bottom of the hill, I thought this is crazy………so I sucked up my pride and off I went to meet everyone.  Well, what an amazing feeling when I got to the hill and my pod greeted me with big hugs, and said so proud/happy you are here.  My mentor had not arrived yet, so she was shocked that I went.  If it had not of been for her, I would not have arrived.  The run was great, first time I was able to run all around Citadel without stopping, thanks to Ken and Jennifer.  As we started our 30:30 for 14 reps on the hill, I thought this is udder craziness, we almost blew away, the rain was heavy, wind in your face, it was hard to breath, but we completed and we completed it together.  I have an amazing Pod – my familia.  Thank you guys for all of the encouragement, I felt great after the run, it was what I needed, not to get in my pajamas and curl up in a ball for the night like I thought I was going to do. Much love and appreciation!

When I started this journey, I wanted to be with a team that supported each other and a team that held me accountable and I knew that if I did this on my own, it would never happen.  I got just that, a team that is amazing and a Pod that supports me when I am down.  If it were not for Team Myles, I would not be where I am today, I am running – me a runner. Who Knew!

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