Accountability vs Duty

In the past when I discussed accountability I essentially meant that I would feel bad if I didn’t show up, because I said I would show up, and people could call me out on it. As the entirety of Team Myles moves forward, I feel a new type of accountability: Duty.

My sense of duty comes from watching how hard everyone here has been working. On the hills, at the park, at the gym, yoga, hiking, whatever. Seeing how hard everyone is pushing themselves, regardless of their goals, or level of fitness, makes me thrive to push as hard or more to keep up. To demonstrate that although we are all improving individually, the team as a whole is building upon itself, compounding our individual achievements.

Furthering this feeling, I have had the pleasure of going to the gym with Marsha, Russell, Kenneth, and Jennifer. These activities have reinforced my sense of duty, by forcing me to be better than I was before. How can I expect to set an example at the gym if I am slacking off, lazy, or training with poor form. It isn’t a feeling of  pure accountability, as discussed in the first para, but one of duty to ensure my actions match my words, allowing me to provide the best advice and assistance to those who ask for it.

A sense of accountability, morphed into a sense of duty, which culminated in a feeling of pride; and that is pretty cool.

One final note. After some pushing from Head Coach Leanne, I have decided to sign up for the Maritime Race Weekend Half Marathon this fall. It would be the coolest if you guys would join me.

Remember: take it one step at a time.

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