A family that runs together, sticks together.

So here we are in week five of Training. I struggled last week with feeling like I did too little, and now I think I am paying for it this week.

I got off work on Saturday morning with no intention of going running opting for the gym instead. As I was getting changed out of my work uniform I said screw it, my pod will be there and I am wide awake after working the overnight shift, might as well run. Everyone was surprised to see me as I told them I would not be there, and it started out great. Then we started our run. 48 minutes of 5:1s through Point Pleasant Park.

It was a rough run, the hills killed me. Luckily Marsha, one of my pod members who said she was struggling (i think it was a lie to keep me motivated), and Louise ran with me. I was exhausted, my legs hurt, and the hills murdered my confidence. We finished the run together and hugged it out. I wouldn’t have been able to finish the race on Saturday with out Marsha and Louise running beside me. I figured OK this was hard but I am going to chalk it up to being tired from working the overnight shift and then running, Sundays run will have to be better because I will be rested.

WELL Sundays run was just as difficult. I struggled so much with the run. Coach Cindy ran with me the whole time and kept me going and on pace. She was such a great support giving me tips and talking to me to keep my mind off of the discomfort of the run. She listened to all my whining and complaining and didn’t murder me. Thanks! She allowed me to walk for a few extra seconds when I needed to and she pushed me at the end to run until I hit 6k, something I have never done before. So for her support I cannot thank her enough.

Tuesdays solo run was extremely disappointing. I thought I would run the loop through the park we ran on the weekend and I failed. I ran 4 intervals and gave up I was done, my body gave in. I started to walk home and when I got to the public garden I ran 3 more intervals until I got home. Even though I started back up running I felt like a failed, I was so disappointed in myself and my body for not being able to do it. I have never struggled so much with a timed interval before and it was so discouraging.

I spoke with Kristen and Nicole about it and they both told me I needed to rest, that I was pushing myself to hard and to take a day off. Leanne also emailed me that day out of the blue to check in on me and see how I was doing, not sure if Kristen and Nicole played a part in that or not but either way Leanne gave me some great advice and encouragement when I needed it the most.

I made a plan for the rest of the week, completed hills last night and took today off to rest.

The one thing I always mention in these blogs and will always mention is the crazy amount of support that is provided from this team of people. Not just people but my friends, they are always there for you no matter what. Team Myles is so much more then a learn to run program, its therapy, its a support group, its a family.

I have a new and amazing group of friends, my Pod are my Familia, I know I can turn to them and ask for help when needed or when I need to vent. I couldn’t do this alone and I am not.

I know with the support of everyone around, even though this week was tough, I will make it to the end and cross that 10k finish line in May.

Thanks and sorry for the length.

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