Since this is my first blog this year (I’m a slacker, I know! Haha) let me start by introducing myself..

I’m a Mentor for Team Myles Truro 2018 and was an Ambassador for the same in 2017. Running the Blue Nose Marathon in 2017 was one of the best experiences of my life! It was my first race, first time crossing a finish line, receiving a medal & running the whole race with my Mom (who’s also a Mentor this year with Team Myles Truro), being able to do this together with her has been my favourite part of this experience.

This year is so much better! I have my mom, a best friend since grade 5, a coworker & my boyfriend on our Team Myles this year! I’m so excited and proud watching each and every one of them run and push themselves every week, seeing just what they can accomplish! It makes a Mentor PROUD!

I’m calling out one of my Pod members of Team Myles Truro, who I’ve known since high school, Ashley Pulisifer! She’s been up for everything I’ve thrown at her this far, including a surprise 5k & Hill Training sesh! I’m so excited to see what she can do race weekend!

She actually pushed me more than she even knows during our 5k!!!

Running myself has been semi difficult this year, I took a nearly 4 month break from ALL fitness (due to a reoccurring chest infection) until Team Myles started just over 5 weeks ago.. I ran a Half Marathon in August 2017 and hurt my knee less than half way through

(an injury that could have been prevented by better cross training) but it’s a huge fear of mine to not be able to complete any race this year due to my knee. I have already started feeling the pressure of running in my knee and have started cross-training more and more every week. I realize I really need to strengthen my legs in order to complete the running goals that I have. I will be making an appointment for my assessment with Lifemark to keep my legs and knees in tip top shape (figuratively and literally).

This week has been one for the books, and not in a good way! Work has been extra stressful and discouraging. After working two 12hour day shifts Tuesday & Wednesday I NEEDED, desperately NEEDED to work off some of the frustrations growing inside from the stresses of life & work. So around 9:30pm I hit up our 24hour Goodlife in Truro and made myself a promise to run at least 12 x 5:1s, which I did.. and was only at 6.somethingkms. So I said F it, let’s GIV’ER and go for 8km! So I cranked it up and kept on going. I finished those 8kms in 1:16:08 with an average pace of 9.29/km. I cannot express how good I felt after I completed that run! The stresses of the day seemed to just melt away!

That was Wednesday, it is now Friday afternoon and I have just completed an hour and a half arm workout as I trained my legs yesterday (x3 – a workout, hills and then a second workout). I can be a little hard core?

I personally love them gym, not so much for running. I’d rather do that outside.

Because #views

But being able to hit the gym at any time of the day is super beneficial to a shift worker like myself!

Since last year’s Blue Nose I have finished 6 races in total, including four 5ks, one 10k & a half marathon (21.1k).

I have more goals and races I want to run this year and I cannot wait to see how far I, and all of Team Myles 2018 can go!

Looking forward to meeting Team Halifax & getting together on a Wednesday Hill night with them sometime soon!!!!


You guys are KILLING IT!!!!!!



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