I woke up a bit nervous this morning. Our Sunday morning long run was going to include the bridge! The bridge that I had heard was a beast to get over with it’s steady incline and distance of 1.3km’s. As I got ready to go, the worry continued- How windy would it be on the bridge? Would the height bother me? And my mentor, Nicole, had told me that today would be the day that i’d reach 10k. Gulp! Ok, let’s do this!

It helped that today was gorgeous! It was sunny and warm, which was a first for our Sunday morning runs! A perfect Sunday morning to tackle that bridge and to get that 10k distance under my belt!

My mentor (Nicole Mauger) is wonderful! So encouraging! She ran with me today. We started out at a great pace and did our first 1k in 6 1/2 minutes which is super fast for me! I was pumped- ok bring on the bridge, we got this!

The bridge is in fact a beast! It is long and steep and definitely tests your leg power. The gorgeous view of the harbor definitely helps 🙂

We finished the route and was back to the finish line with 12 minutes remaining for our 72 minute run so Nicole says “You want to do Citadel Hill to get your 10K in?”. Ummm No! haha But off we went, and we reached our 10k goal in 73 minutes, which is AMAZING!

My legs and ankles are definitely sore since the run. There is an Epsom salt bath in my very near future.

4 weeks until race day. 4 weeks to practice the bridge and to work on my time. When I started Team Myles my goal was to finish on race day in under 80 minutes. Today I beat that goal by 7 minutes. Extremely proud of myself, Extremely thankful for a mentor that helped me reach my goal today and Extremely lucky to be part of such an amazing team of people!

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