What am I doing?

Hello. I have never written a blog in my life so I do not even know where to begin. I am so nervous about this whole adventure.

My name is Amanda. Mother of 3 and a healthcare worker. I am very nervous about this adventure but after meeting the team at the Truro launch I was more at ease, especially thanks to Pam and Phylicia, thank you ladies.

I never in a million years thought I would be even considering this let alone already sign up for it. I have struggled with some health issues and weight issues over the years and it has always made me feel like I could never accomplish anything like this. I thought oh you are to scared, you will look like a fool trying to run, would I really have support to do it??

Then came the opportunity to do this, have fun and get on a track to feeling better about myself. Training for this event maybe I will learn to take better care of my self and my family.

What am I thinking. A 5km run? I have never ran a day in my life, well besides gym class when I was a kid lol. Who does this out of the blue? guess that would be me.

I am never very good talking about myself and my adventures, I am a very shy and private person so I am not even sure if this blog will make sense to anyone…..

What am I doing?

I am running for ME!! Very proud to me a member of Team Myles and the new adventure and life long friendships to be made.

Let’s do this. Can not wait to make it to my first group run on Tuesday!!


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