Went to the track in a snowstorm


Tonight was a bad run. Painful, slow, boring, with broken headphones and a malfunctioning GPS. A complete slog.
I knew a bad run was coming because the last two weeks have been going great. Running with the team is so energizing, and I have people to talk into GoodLife Bodypump classes. Obsessing over new hobbies is great fun to me, and I love hearing how everyone else is managing to get it done.
Interval training has been a revelation. I always shied away from it because I didn’t want to lose even one hard-won second off my pace. Weirdly, I am much faster with walk breaks. I’m suspicious that my run tracker is broken because it doesn’t seem possible, but there it is after every interval run: a faster average pace than running straight through.
Tonight was a bad run. But it’s a snowstorm outside and I had laundry to do, and I still ran. So maybe a bad run is better than no run at all.

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