Week 1 – A little History


A little history about my fitness:

In 2006 my daughter became very ill and I feared we may lose her, but thank heavens she survived. After a long stay in the hospital she finally came home but treatment meant chemo pills and prednisone, which if you know prednisone it is not a kind drug, mood swings and weight gain were obviously going to happen especially the dosage she was on and would be on for a very long time. We were not a healthy fit family so my husband and I discussed that we needed to support her with a healthy lifestyle which would include exercise and nutrition. We decided I would join Weight Watchers since I did most of the cooking for the family. So, my journey began with the intention of trying to support my family

In 2008   I reached goal weight and was running 5KM 4- 5 days a week and 10KM at least once a week. I registered and did local runs and my motto had always been, I never wanted to win the race, I just wanted to complete it, which I was doing. In March of 2010 to my utter shock & disbelief I was not feeling well and ended up going to the emergency department at a hospital I was working at without informing my family, they thought I was working.  I at the time thought it was likely a flu and was told I had a heart attack.  How could this have happened was all I thought, I was only 46 and in the best shape I had ever been, goal weight and exercising, though I was a smoker. I spent a few days in ICU and was then sent home. The running had stopped but after a few months I was told I could start again but very slowly. I soon realized medications were slowly me down. I did a few begin to run programs but got discouraged when I could not keep up with the groups. In October2011 I suffered a second heart attack, which at that time I required a stent.

Since 2011 I have started training off and on and have registered and completed a few runs but every time the run was completed, I would stop running. In 2017 my daughter participated in Team Myles and inspired me to get back out there. She encouraged me to submit my application for Team Myles. Her journey has been an inspiration for me. When I see her posts on social media or read her blogs I am so proud of her and the accomplishments she has made. She has had her struggles with injures but is still getting out there and doing her best. Last year when she ran by me as I was watching the runners in the Bluenose Marathon, tears of joy were running down my face. I saw her cross the finish line and remembered how proud I felt whenever I did that.

Week 1

The day had arrived for the first training day with Team Myles and my biggest fear was could I keep up? Was I going to be able to recover doing 1-1, I was so proud when I did. It felt so good and I really felt the support of the entire team. I go to my Weight Watchers meetings on Tuesday evening, so on Monday I did my day 2nd run on my own and again I did good. However, I have a tendency not to drink enough water, so I woke up Monday night with Charlie horses in both of my legs and one foot was cramped. I struggled to get to the kitchen where I drank water and felt very ill. Back to bed I went when the pain subsided, however and hour and half later I was back up with the pain, then again about an hour later, but finally it was Ok.  Tuesday was my rest day but Wednesday was the hill training and the fear of could I keep up again? This time I prepared myself by hydrating before and after and I did keep up! The hills were tough and as I reached the top, breathing was my issue as well as the cold but again I was so proud. The weather held me back on Thursday & Friday and as of now have still not registered with Good Life Fitness, though this is on my to do list this weekend. The weekend has arrived and today is the end of week 1, so off I went and did the 1-1 run that I should have completed yesterday but I did it.

As I reflect on this past week I am proud of what I have accomplished but as well disappointed in letting the excuses keep me from doing the daily schedule, which I have committed to doing. It’s not like I don’t have access to a treadmill in my basement that is collecting dust. When I was a runner in the past unless it was extremely Icey I was out there doing what I loved. Tomorrow starts week 2 and the fear of not being able to keep up is here but something I know I will get through with the support of the Team Myles Crew, Lifemark and Good Life Fitness.



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