Procrastination at it’s finest!

So I just found out today that my report cards are due 4 days earlier than originally scheduled…. panic mode sets in. So, here I sit writing a blog post instead of writing my report cards. In addition to blogging I also went for a run to avoid writing reports. It’s usually the running that I procrastinate on…

I am feeling a little bit behind since I have not done much running over the past two weeks. Instead, I’ve been sitting on the beach drinking a few too many Margaritas. I was excited to get home and have a fresh start with the group run Sunday morning. However, our flight was delayed and I got bed at 5:30 am. Needless to say I couldn’t drag my butt out of bed at 8am to go for a run. My wonderful Mom, Cathy Lynds (also part of Team Myles), volunteered to go out on her second run of the day with me.

We set out to get my 2:1’s done! Everything is going great until about 1km in. I start having pains up my leg. My first thought was that I hurt my leg while doing a “pathetic” run on the beach earlier in the week. I tried to run through it but it just kept getting worse. I have had a fracture in the past and am always worried of that happening again so I stopped and come home to ice it…. feeling very discouraged at this point.

Monday is a new day! I wake up ready for school, so excited to see all my kiddos and hear about their March Break. I ALWAYS forget how exhausting that first day back is. Trust me the last thing I wanted to do is go out for a run today, but I did it!

Bring on the 3:1’s tomorrow night with TMT!

Now back to those report cards… SIGH!


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