My Week Ends and Begins on Sunday!

Week 2 is behind us and Week 3 has just started!

As soon as I pressed send on that email a few months ago, I had been second guessing my decision to even attempt to start this journey. Week 3 in and I couldn’t be happier!

Team Myles is pushing me even further then I thought I could. It’s giving me the motivation and the support, making this daunting task so much easier. So much so that my week revolves around the Sunday Run. All my cross training has to be done, as well as any other runs, so I’m ready for the coming week. My work schedule is allotted for it, and Wednesday nights. Sunday Runs are a great end to the weekend, but also a great way for me to get that energy and motivation for the rest of the week (granted I had a great nap this afternoon before work, this week has been long).

This past week I definitely pushed it more then I have in previous weeks, getting in 4 longer runs, and hills night on Wednesday. On Thursday I could feel in my right knee that I definitely pushed myself too far (did a little too much all in one day Wednesday). I’m not injured, but I was getting that feeling that it had been pushed too far, and I need to go at a steadier pace.

So today, on Sunday Run Day, I kept a steadier pace. I did more interval training than straight running. I got almost as far as I did last Sunday; when I was running the whole time. Bonus, my knee was solid, even though I was frozen in the end!

Though this is a tiring and draining experience in many ways, the adrenaline and joy I’m getting out of every improved run is something I never thought I’d experience; and never understood when runners talked about it. It always seemed so foreign to me. This all coming from someone who on multiple occasions played sick to get out of school long distance running events. There will be no playing sick for Wednesday Hill nights, the Blue Nose, and especially Sunday runs.

Rain, Sleet, Or Snow. I will be at Sunday Runs.

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