Kilometers behind me, sky above me, fire within me.

I am absolutely tickled to have been chosen as Team Myles 2018’s senior mentor! Not only do I get to be a part of this incredible program for a THIRD time (?!), I’ve also been lucky enough to work behind the scenes with both our Halifax and Truro teams to make sure everything is running smoothly (see what I did there?).

Team Myles has honestly been a pivotal opportunity for me these past couple of years. When else as an adult are you given an opportunity to be on a team, to meet a diverse group of people, and to be in the limelight while you achieve your goals? Not to mention, all while being sponsored by some amazing organizations that are all cheering for you to get over that finish line? Team Myles is basically the closest thing to being on Team Canada at the Olympics. Am I right?!

In some ways it is hard to believe that I’ve been at this for over two years. In 2016, I joined TM16 as a leap of faith – since I was still carrying the unhealthy lifestyle that I developed in a particularly stressful period of my life. Running was so far from something I was comfortable with – I was heavy, tired, and unmotivated. I got winded going up a set of stairs and I was bordering on not being able to buy clothes from my favorite stores. Team Myles is what I needed to leave that stressful phase of my life behind – and it became so much more than that. It became the catalyst to this new chapter, new lifestyle, and new Melissa.

After TM16 I was changed. I had successfully run a 10k, found the positive head space I desperately needed, but further to that, I saw that if I shared my journey with others, the magic of Team Myles and the Blue Nose Marathon would eventually rub off on them too. I carried that motivation for the following year, completing countless other 5k and 10k races alongside my new TM friends, and set my sights on being the best mentor I could be for Team Myles 2017 – so that this group could experience the paradigm shift that I had, and spread the love even further. I went into TM17 confident in my running and enthusiastic about experiencing this whirlwind all over again. It turns out that it became so much more than that. I found a fire within myself when my super strong lady pod (known affectionately as “The Young and the Breathless”) started to out run me in the weeks leading into race day. I love some healthy competition and as a result, I achieved a personal best 10k time at Blue Nose thanks to my pod – who ended up mentoring me too, way more than they know. I went on to run my first half marathon in September 2017. That girl, who only a year and a half prior was taking the bus instead of walking 10 minutes down the street, could put “Half Marathoner” on her resume – all because of this incredible opportunity that we call Team Myles.

So, heading into Team Myles 2018 I cannot begin to explain how lucky I feel to do this one more time. I am already seeing this new team unfold into what I know will be a year of self-discovery, positive change and influence on our communities. I know that there are hard times ahead, sore muscles, foam rolling and epsom-salt baths, freezing hill nights and probably a few late-night tears. However, I also know that in 10 short weeks I will see each and every one of these Team Myles 2018 Ambassadors burst with pride as they cross that finish line on race day – after working so hard to invest in themselves on this team.

Thanks to the Blue Nose Marathon for allowing me do a victory lap as your Team Myles 2018 Senior Mentor. Special to our sponsors for keeping us moving & shaking all the way to race weekend!


This is what pride feels like.




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