Is it ever really a good time?

So it’s 10:28 pm and what seems to be the end of a snow storm. I just got in from doing my training for the day. 20 minutes of 1:1 (if you’re not familiar with the vague running jargon 1:1 means to run one minute/walk one minute). 20 minutes I almost didn’t do because it wasn’t really a good time.

But that begs the almighty question, is it ever really a good time? Does life ever stop and offer you a window of ‘it’s a perfect time to go for a run, it’s sunny, I’m well rested, I have no stress or worries, I want go out there and run for fun’?

Tonight, like so many others, came after a long day at work, a long night of dealing with family life, pets and children, and to top it off, a snow storm. It would have been so easy to curl up in my bed with my Netflix and run tomorrow morning. What’s putting it off 12 hours. Right now really isn’t a good time.

But right now, in the moment, is the perfect time. I did it. I went out there in the snow and ice and did it. It was the time to do it. Anytime is the time to do it. If you don’t, you will continue to sit on the sidelines and wait for the perfect time. That is how I got here, waiting till Monday to start. Oh not this Monday, next Monday. Oh I meant the Monday after.

I am now curled up in my bed, with my Netflix and a heated blanket feeling on top of the world because right now was the time to do it. I needed it for me and you know what? There is nothing wrong with needing something good for yourself.

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