How am I ever going to do this?

Man I am in over my head. I have not been able to make a team run yet (away and then babysitting issues ugh) and am thinking it would be much easier to have the support. Tonight I said to myself its ok you can go to the recc, the boys can hang out and I could run/walk the track no problem right? WRONG!!!

I knew some people walking the track and I am veryyyy ashamed of the way I look let alone run. I became so scared and nervous I could barely walk the track let alone run it. What a fool I am to think I would be so judged right!

I did a few laps at least walking around the track and then slipped in to the gym….. 20 minutes of walking with intervals and inclines. That is getting somewhere right?

How am I ever going to do this…… push myself thats how. Tomorrow is a new day and maybe that Goodlife instead of the RECC for this training is a better idea.

I will NOT back down from this challenge/adventure. This is for ME!!!!!



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