Have the treadmill to the hills jitters

As you know I have been away since March 2nd literally running after my friends’ 21 month old and just got back to Halifax yesterday. I was able to get in three runs at the Hampton Road GoodLife while away on the treadmill and those went well, but now I am nervous about taking it to the hills on Wednesday. I also want to giveĀ a shout out to the GoodLife at Joseph Howe Superstore who hooked me up with my membership, even though there were initial issues in getting registered through our Team Myles program. They were persistent and also made sure that I had access while I was away until this got sorted out. They even called the Hampton Road club to explain the situation. I have been impressed with their service and their support thus far. Nicole at GoodLife Joe Howe has lost 100lbs and she and I connected over that, as I just crossed that milestone myself in January.

This will be the first time I have run outside for any amount of time. I did short jaunts of running when I was frequenting Point Pleasant on a regular basis a few summers ago. It is a bit daunting to think that the first go-round will be on the hills as well. While my knee held up on the treadmill, I am a little nervous of the rubber hitting the road tomorrow night – downhill is actually the worst for it, but I will take my time. I do know I am only racing against myself. That is one thing my weight loss journey has been teaching me; that I just compete to be better than I was yesterday and I plan to apply the same mindset to running.

The one thing that is helping is knowing I won’t be doing it alone and I will be finally united with the rest of the amazing Team Myles crew.

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