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Hello Week Three!


So we are just getting into week three of training, and things could not be going better. The initial shock of waking up early on Sunday is over, the aches and pains from running seemed to have left, and everyone on Team Myles 2018 seems to be more and more motivated!


Last week I managed to get a foot assessment from Paul Makinen, and I couldn’t be happier with how it went. He was extremely professional, quick but thorough, and gave solid advice on gait, potential issues, and footwear. If you are new to athletics, and/or planning on doing running of any sort, it is absolutely a good idea to get this type of assessment done, to avoid potential injury.


I also spent an amazing evening at Goodlife with Kenneth and Russel. It was awesome to have those guys out with me, see how hard they were working, and how much they wanted to learn about the gym and lifting. As much as running and the gym can be very private affairs, there is something so exciting about going with friends or like minded folk, that really makes me happy. It is also satisfying to (hopefully) pass on information about an activity you love!


I’m enjoying hill night Wednesday (and Monday if you are Amanda/Avery) a lot more than long run Sundays. Staring up the giant slope is definitely daunting, but the satisfaction at the end is highly rewarding. Plus, it is a quick intense workout. you can do anything for 10/11 minutes right? One step at a time! On the longer runs, I find I burnout about 3/4 way through, and I am much slower overall than I had hoped to be. I have a lot of faith and trust in the coaches and mentors, so I know everyone is heading in the right direction, but it can be frustrating to gas out and slow waaaay down part way through a run.


As a final thought, I really couldn’t be prouder of everyone on the team. It has been really cold and windy, but attendance is high, and no mater what speed you are going, everyone is pushing themselves.


Bring it on week 4!


PS. Shout out to Aerobics First for hooking me up with some super sick running pants! I walked in, told the clerk I needed pants for running in the cold, and she grabbed about a dozen pairs of different fabrics and fits. Couldn’t be happier with them!


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