Put some PREP in your step!


We’re just over a week out and I cant go a couple hours without thinking about Blue Nose Weekend.

The crowds. The cheering. The happy tears. I can’t wait!

As a mentor I have had the pleasure to watch so many incredible people giv’er this spring. It gives me chills to think about our first run – firstly because it was freezing – but also because that bunch of strangers who gaggled along the track that day had no idea what they could do, and know they know.

The training is the accomplishment. Race day is the celebration! To help prepare you to feel your best for your race, I’ve compiled a list of TIPS.

1. Don’t eat anything weird between now and race day! Stay away from the stuff you know doesn’t agree with you. In the week leading into the race, up the healthy starchy carbs, like sweet potato, banana, quinoa, and eat lean meats like chicken and fish if you can. In the last 3 days before the race be extra cognizant of this & try to up the portion size a bit. Eat what you would normally eat before a run on the morning of the race.
2. HYDRATE. Drink as much water as you can between now and race day. Try to reduce coffee and alcohol (…who am I kidding though really) because these dehydrate you. We can drink at the Blue Nose after party!
3. Test out your race day outfit. Literally everything you plan on wearing. Pants, shirt, underwear, headphones, socks, bra, even your hair tie should be tested. There is NOTHING worse than having something bug or chafe you. Pants falling down is probably the worst. You want focus on running and not wardrobe malfunctions.
Also to add to that, figure out whether you will run with your phone / iPod / etc and where you will store this on you, trial it as well.
4. Be cognizant of your bathroom habits starting today. Try to time your #2’s so you might be able to achieve a pre-race ┬áthe morning of the race. You’re welcome.
5. Cut your toe nails, but not the night before the race. Long toe nails cause problems but also newly cut ones do too. I cut mine 2 days out. Lol
6. Take it easy. This is called a “taper”. It might be hard to resist but just try to do little, easy runs 1-2 days of the week leading in and don’t lift any weights or do anything that could give you muscle soreness. Relax, take a bath, stretch. You’re not going to gain much more fitness by givin’er this week, and you risk hurting yourself or being tired on race day.
7. Sleep! As much as you can. Last year I put way too much pressure on myself and was super nervous for race day, which caused a sleepless night the night before the race. This totally botched my race and I felt like terrible. Nobody likes to be cranky on one of the best days of the year. Get your Z’s!
8. MOST OF ALL: take a sec to check in with yourself. Think about those freezing cold runs this winter/spring, and remember how far you have come. You’ve put in the work. You’ve ran when you didn’t feel like it. You pushed yourself until you made it up that pesky hill in PPP. You accomplished things you didn’t think you could. Take it all in, smile the whole way, enjoy every single step of this race!!!
I’m crying happy tears just thinking about each and every one of the Team Myles 2017 members crossing that finish line. GIV’ER ALL YOU GOT LADIES!
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