One More Sleep!

Better late then never!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Lillian! Mother to my daughter Tehya 15 and son Kahlil 18. Married to Sobaz for 25 years in September.

Who is Lillian??

I grew up in North Halifax. Have 5 siblings. I am the eldest daughter. Parents separated when I was young. Left Halifax for Ontario at age 17. Studied at Sheridan College and York University. Married my best friend 1992. Moved back to Halifax 2001. Raised two smart, generous. incredibly gifted National gymnasts. Survived breast cancer survivor. Completely a second breast surgery in March 2017. I struggle daily with mental health. Soon to un-employed.

I am adventurous, optimistic, spontaneous, resourceful, social, good listener ( my kids & husband would disagree), visionary, community minded, inclusive and happy most when travelling and eating good culturally- diverse ethic foods.

I LOVE entertaining, cooking, dancing, singing, sports, a great book, British films and soaking in the sun at the beach.

One of the ‘asks’ to be apart of Team Myles is to share your story and post blogs. I feel kinda bad and guilty because I didn’t. Until now, less than 31 hours before the run. I have never blogged! This feels awkward., but I’ll try it.

One sleep away from race day. I feel nervous! I feel excited! I feel blessed and thankful. I am alive! I am healthy! I am proud!

Breast surgery in March held me back and messed up my training for 8 weeks! I wouldn’t give up. I won’t be the fastest on race day across the finish line…but I will RUN and I will FINISH by the grace of God.

Being apart of Team Myles has been motivating, inspirational and a real sense of team belonging. I have gained new friends and a fun way to get get in shape.

My journey began with my cousin Nellie telling me about how she first started running. She shared with me about this running team and how I had to apply to represent the team. I was intrigued. I applied at the last minute and was excepted.

Let me tell you, what a life changer. I truly am beginning to feel like a ‘real’ runner. I walk/run/jog my way slowly to the finish. About the 40 mins mark, my body wants to quit. Sweat everywhere, muscles tighten, throat burns and often gotta use the bathroom. I would NEVER have thought I’d be running a 10k in such a short timeframe. All the credit goes to the many wonderful patient coaches, mentors, physiotherapists, nutritionist, Lifemark, Running Room, Scotia Bank and GoodLife Fitness.

Thank you to all the coaches, mentors and my teammates for a wonderful experience.

Thank you to Lifemark, Scotia Bank, the Running Room and GoodLife Fitness as our sponsors.

See you at the Start Line!


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