In early March I had no idea that this would, or even could, happen!! At the first Team Myles meeting they said we would be running 10k in just under 3 months time. I thought ‘These people are nuts! There is no way! I will humor them for now, then switch to the 5k when no ones looking’ because that is not possible for me. I can’t do that, not in 10 weeks. No way.

Fast forward 8 weeks….I don’t mean to skip over all the painful parts, because there are painful parts, but for the purpose of this story we will gloss over that part…so, back to 8 weeks later, I ran my first ever 10k!!! (With┬áthe help of coach Leanne Huck of Lifemark fame :) ) I will not say it was easy, but it was so so worth it! I was overjoyed, so happy!!!

Then I got sick. And I was sick for over a week and I did very little outside of dragging myself to work. Then I thought (PG version…) ‘Darn it! All that hard work was for nothing. Now I will have to start over and there is no way (there are those words again) I will ever be able to do the Blue Nose 10k! I will have to drop out, it’s over’

But I figured I would give it another try just to see what would happen. I wasn’t expecting much as you can tell. I went to the gym in my building and hopped on the treadmill and started running…and running…and running!!! OMG I have been running for 30 minutes straight! Uh oh, I have to pee. So I take a break. And I came back and ran another 20 minutes, took 1 minute, ran 10 more, took 1 minute, then ran straight for another 27 minutes!!!! Wow, what a feeling. And just think, 9 weeks ago I could barely run for 1 minute at a time.

I could not have done any of this without the fun and support of these amazing women of Team Myles 2017. This experience has been one I will not soon forget. I hope to have made some life long friends. I don’t want it to end. Thank you all <3

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