Feeling sorry for myself…

I have been a miserable little jerk lately. Not outside. Still smiling and acting like a goof…but nope. Inside I was a real life pity party. Everything was going well. My crippling fear that I would get injured was starting to subside. I hit my 10k mark. And then reality decided to give me…shall we say… a reality check. Thanks reality. You’re a jerk too.

A few sundays ago, I was on the Team Myles long run and I got bit by a dog. Nothing too major. Didn’t break the skin. But definitely caught me off guard and put a damper on the day. So it went from this:


To this:


I think I might have a bruising issue?

Then.. my worst fear… injury.

I have knees that ache, a back that gets sore. My right hip will get sore if I get sloppy and run with poor form. I’ve learned how to deal with all of those and how to correct it. It doesn’t stop me from running. Tape the knee, ice the back, stretch the hip. Years of running plus size..you learn how to fix yourself up… or at least how to scotch tape yourself together.

So when my groin/inner thigh started to hurt. I was thinking I could work it out. Tried some K-tape. Usually I have no problem with adhesives. Guess my inner thigh didn’t like it so I got a bit of a burn form the tape. Tried wrapping it. Good old compression. Nope. Rubbed the burn and hurt. URRRRRG! I rested it. I made an effort on hills night, but running downhill was too high impact so I ran up and walked down. I shoooooould be happy that I at least did that. But my miserable mope self wouldn’t let me be happy. I didn’t do any runs on my own. No lovely Lake Banook. It rained. I wallowed. Then this past Sunday came. I was anxious. Would I be able to run even 1k…let alone the 10k I wanted to??  Our coach Leanne said I could do 10k… So I started out. I was running with Rachel and at about 3k, I decided we should just do the route. So we did. At about 4k, my leg kind of stopped hurting. I mean I could tell the injury was there and figured I would just pay for it later.. but I kept running and managed to do the full 10k. Huzzah! Got to even run past the Scotiabank centre where the finish line will be. That felt seriously cool. But… yep.. leg was a bit sore.
Dr Google told me it was likely and adductor muscle. It wasn’t blinding pain, so I figured it wasn’t super serious…but still. I got into see Leanne today for some needed physio.

Dry needling. OMG. So I had it done before in my shoulder. I do not love this. But… it really did help. Got a wicked good leg massage. Remind me to never challenge Leanne to an arm wrestling contest. She’s got some serious strength there! Followed by some dry needling. I whined like a baby (sorry!) but then some heat and those little vibrating electrodes and my leg felt brand new!



Told her I wanted to run today… got approved and went on to run Banook (my happy place).

Now here is where I am going to get sappy. The physical physio was awesome and did wonders for my leg. By miserable mopey Chrissy needed the talk with her Coach. I don’t know if you realized how much it meant to me to hear all the positive feedback. I was down on myself and quite frankly, debating if I should just give up on running since I get injured so much. All joking aside. It really meant a lot to hear what you had to say. Thank you Leanne.

Team Myles has pushed me further then I ever thought I could go. I always try to stay positive, but when I get stuck in my own head and let my negative thoughts take over.. I am always a minute away from quitting. I knew that we would all become close through this process, but I didn’t think that you would all become so important to me. I can’t imagine a future without Team Myles in it.

So, I left physio, went home, changed into my running gear. And did an easy 5k run around Banook. Never thought I would call a 5k “easy”. Sun shining. Everything felt good. I made sure I stretched well afterwards. I was on this little dock off the side of the trail that sits on the side of the lake. I watched the rowers powering across the lake and Beyonce’s “Halo” came on. I thought about how miserable I had been, but how right everything felt in this moment. Nothing mattered, except that I was able to do what I loved.

“Remember those walls I built
Well, baby, they’re tumbling down
And they didn’t even put up a fight
They didn’t even make a sound”

…and I cried.

IMG_1755 IMG_1756


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