Feeling of Accomplishment

Back in March when we all first started this journey I felt confident that I would meet the deadline of being able to complete the 10k come Blue Nose weekend.  Then I had my first set back with my knees and I thought, great never going to be able to do this now.  Then with some great advice from POD mates and team mates on how to keep working without running my knees started to feel great. I had a couple of weeks with some great runs and hill training, then BOOM, I go to a Body Pump class. And then I’m set back further than I was the first time.  At this point I truly thought I was done, that I wouldn’t be able to go on. This is when coach Leanne Huck steps in and gets me going to physio and introduces me to dry needling. Who would of thought that someone would become a fan of someone sticking needles in and out of your thigh muscle. During our very first session she ensures me that you will be able to run in the Blue Nose, you will get back on track, at that time I still had my doubts.

After two weeks of Leanne’s treatments and following her guidelines of what to do on what days, things started to look good and I started to feel that yup, I can still do this.  Yesterday, April 30th, I ran my first race in over 4yrs with a group of ladies that I truly admire and respect.  It fell on one of our days that we do our long runs.  So most of us continued on to the Park yesterday to start the run with those that didn’t race in the MEC Citadel Highlander.  I went there with the intention of just starting with the team and do a couple more kilometers to get the time in that we where scheduled to run.

As I started to run I was still on a high from the previous race as I felt good about my time and knew I could do more.  Will I kept going until I reached the 5k mark, realizing then that I also had to make it back to the park.  I can honestly say the 5k back did not feel as great as the 5k out of the park. But I was determined to finish it and I did. When I finished I couldn’t believe that I had just ran 15k in one day. I have not felt so accomplished in such a long time, to see the hurtles I have overcome, to see the hurtles that many of us have overcome and still continue to battle. It was a great feeling and then to top it off to  have Leanne say to me that she can see me running in half marathon in the future was a great confidence booster as well.  It is fantastic having great support from everyone involved.

It is so rewarding to know that we can do whatever we put our minds to, I have said this many times over the past couple of months.  This is an amazing group of ladies that I am privileged to have met and now call my friends.  I wouldn’t change anything about this experience and the people I have met.  Love each and everyone of you and I so look forward to continuing this journey even after we have completed the Blue Nose 10k.






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