Embrace the journey

Wow! It’s really less than a week away? Where has the time gone?

I’ll be honest. My life outside of Team Myles in the last couple months has been BUSY. But no more busy then all of yours. I read your posts/blogs and hear your stories. We all have other commitments. We all have busy. And we’ve all committed ourselves to this program and a healthier lifestyle. Congratulations to all of you for that!

I could go on a long rant about busy and how I’ve spent most of my life not knowing how to function unless on overdrive all the time, but I’ll try and keep it short. I literally struggle to do nothing. So many of us are running on auto-pilot all of the time. In the last couple years due to health issues (mystery hand pain that no doctor can explain) the common trend I heard was to relax, recover, take it easy, meditate, do yoga etc. Basically everything except what I’m used to (high intensity training – and why not do 3 half marathons in 12 months?) lol Well my body had a change of plans and now I’m trying to adjust, find balance yet maintain a healthy lifestyle and not resort back to old bad habits.

Although I am a coach, Team Myles in the last few months has given me just as much, if not more then I hope I have given it. I needed to find the calm in the chaos (not sure I’ve got there just yet but getting there). I needed to figure out how to be ok with some of that calm (much better). I needed to not beat myself up for not being able to do what I could 1.5 years ago. I came into Team Myles this year after a bit of a break from running. 3 half marathons last year took a toll on my body and I took some needed rest. I came into it confident in some ways yet in other ways unsure I’d be strong enough/fast enough/have enough important tips etc. Then I realized that no one is looking at me to be the fastest runner in Halifax (phew!) and no one expects me to know everything. I’m here to be a mentor. A coach. A listening ear. A shoulder to lean on. A hug/high five. A supporter. An encourager (I like to make up my own words sometimes lol). A cheerleader. And provider of your favorite hip circle stretch! :)

My journey is far from over. It’s had amazing personal accomplishments (like the one you had on Sunday and will have this coming Sunday) as well as rewarding moments like being able to share in your journeys and see your accomplishments. But it’s also had struggles like the aches and pains you’ve experienced, the injuries, the set backs, the slipping backwards to old behaviors etc. No journey is immune. There will be ups and downs and although in ways I’m experiencing some of the struggles right now I’m also still experiencing so many of the ups/highs/accomplishments thanks to this team and this experience.

Your journey is also far from over. It just starts a new chapter after Sunday. What that chapter reads is entirely up to each of you. Embrace this experience and embrace what is to come. I know many of you are sad/scared that it’s almost over, this is normal. However, I’m fairly confident (ok extremely confident) this isn’t the end of the story for #teammyles2017. Try not to worry about what will be down the road, you’re not there yet. Live in the moment as much as you can. Sunday is going to be incredible and the best advice I can give you is to absorb as much of it as you can. Notice the crowd. Listen to the people. Smile at fellow runners/walkers. High five the kids. Read the signs if you can. Thank the volunteers. Feel the energy. Feel the moment. I’ve ran a few events and honestly the mindset of “have fun/embrace it” has literally given me the best runs ever. I’m not saying don’t push for a PB lol but I think it’s possible to do both, you have to think about something anyway… focus on how amazing this is and save the worrying about what’s next until later because once you all finish you’ll just know it… your running journey is only just beginning.

My challenge for you this week is to stop the auto-pilot/busy mode for a few moments. Sit back and reflect. Think about the day you walked into Tempo and met the team. Think about the Thursdays. The Sundays. The brunches (sorry I missed them). The hugs/high fives. The getting over the 3:1s hump. The fact that you now will run in the rain, snow etc. The laughs. The people you’ve met. The challenges you’ve overcome. And the strength you have built.

You’re all amazing and I’m so proud of each of you and can’t wait to see you cross that line! #justkeepgoing

*I also second the tips Melissa gave in her blog :) DO NOT eat ‘new to you’ food this week haha

Thanks to all our awesome sponsors #lifemarkatlantic #goodlifefitness #taysyoga #jasondavisconsulting #runningroom

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