Closer to the heart

When I started this journey a couple of months ago I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea if I would be any good at running…more importantly I wasn’t sure I would tough it out.

You see that is what I sometimes do when things get tough…I quit,  give up and walk away.

Looking back towards the beginning…that first day even…I could barely keep up with the interval times that were asked of me…running for 1 entire minute without stopping (or dying) was unheard of to me and quite frankly I wasn’t sure I could do it. After that first “run” it was announced that we would all be aiming for the 10k race which petrified me…I was in it for 5 at the absolute most and even that was being generous! I remember running along side some girls on the track that day  having very little to say (possibly because I was reserving my breath so I didn’t die) and wondering if I would ever be able to connect to any….if not all of these other women that were on this journey as well.

As the weeks rolled on …I got better (mind blown) and I started to actually enjoy the hill training nights. Hell I even passed up a work dinner with my boss at the Bicycle Thief on a Thursday because I knew I needed to be with these girls…these girls who were slowly becoming my team …now that is commitment! lol

I sometimes struggled along the way…I am an emotional person…and I  get in self pity modes…but  for once in my life I make NO apologies for that. I am sensitive, I take things personally, I get hurt easy and I wear my heart on my sleeve. What you see is what you get with me! I came in to this race somewhat broken. I had lost a child and was still dealing with a tremendous amount of grief over that and I  had also had   heart surgery  done a while back  so I wasn’t 100% confident my body was going to withstand all of this honestly. Things weren’t good for me over all  and I was in a pretty shitty place. (Can I say shitty?)…I think I just did…

One of the very first runs we did I ended it super emotional and every girl there was waiting to hug me and celebrate in my success. I knew then …I knew when I was upset and ugly crying that these girls were there for me…they had my back so to speak. I didn’t feel silly or stupid…I didn’t have to explain myself they just accepted me…wait a second…isn’t that what friendship is??  I have had some pretty serious conversations with some of the girls on our runs and it has amazed even me how much I have chosen to share with them…it’s has been great for my soul….it has been great for my healing.

I completed 10k last weekend after having some issues with my leg. Hitting that mark before the race with my team mates was super important to me …so I did what I was told by Leanne our coach who is also my  physio therapist magnifico…and low and behold I was able to complete the 10 kms without expiring……PS: WHO KNEW RUNNING AND TALKING WAS AN ACTUAL THING!?!?!?

So what I’m really trying to say here is that this is not just a group of random women I meet with twice a week and train with. This is the most courageous , loving, selfless and truly remarkable group of women I have ever met. These women are my family, they are my sisters and  they are what real  superheroes look like!

So when someone says to me..”I didn’t know you could run?” Well truth is I couldn’t run  a couple months ago but through the love (and sometimes tough love!) , encouragement and support and most importantly friendship of these woman…I am doing a lot of things lately I never thought I could do…including signing up for my first half marathon….(say whaaaaattttttt!)

Not sure what that is going to look like…it’s a “lofty” goal but I  know one thing…these woman will be with me so I know no matter what I have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Thank you Team Myles…I owe you my life (well you can have the old one I’m kind of loving the new one!)

Who is strong…

who wants to run…

Who Wants to have fun…

Who are we…

WE ARE TEAM MYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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