10 k in the books.

When I started this journey 10 weeks ago I am not sure what I really expected to get out of it.  Yes learn to run a 5 or 10 k, a gym membership for use while doing the training,  personal assessment from Lifemark,  coaches to help us along the way etc etc. This was all great. I was looking forward to doing this with my daughter and friends.  But I didn’t realize what else I would gain.

Today I ran my first ever 10k. No practice run ( was in cuba…sorry). Was I prepared??. .. I could have been better  prepared but that’s no one’s fault but myself.  I knew what had to be done but was a tad busy the past couple weeks.  Anyways enough of the excuses. Lol. I still finished’er and I did Giv’er right until I crossed the finish line.  Now to work on better times.

What I wasn’t expecting was the emotions that I would go through on this journey.  From surprise that I could actually run and run some more.  To being mad at myself for not going that extra little bit or walking that extra little bit.  To excitement over the Bluenose Weekend and our Volunteer shifts at expo and spending time with my daughter in the city for the weekend.  Happiness at having a few minutes in the square with coffee before our shift for the 2/4k kids run kit pick up. And fun setting up and getting ready for the Lifemark Water Staton for the 5k. Seeing Paul in the elf costume was quite amusing.

The music is playing we are all cheering and having a good time waiting for the runners.  When I first see the wheel chair athletes flying down that street I am thinking Wow!!! These guys are amazing! ! Then it hits me. ..the tears start to come.  Seeing all these amazing people running, rolling, walking or being assisted by their caregivers or loved ones.  Don’t get me wrong I am still cheering,  clapping, high fiving etc but I can’t stop the tears. Thinking these girls / guys of Team Myles are making a difference to these runners.  We cheered and high fived our hearts out there for the 5k. And we made a difference to these strangers.  They were coming across the street to get a high five from us.  It was amazing! !!! Best few hrs I have spent in a long time.  My heart was full of appreciation for the runners and to these wonderful people I have gotten to know the past few weeks.

Then today came…. the 10 k. Our run.  I was nervous,  excited, scared to name a few emotions going through me after I awoke this morning.

We get  dressed, taped, hydrated etc and head to meeting.  Which is great by the way.  I see I am not the only one going through a range of emotions.  Lots of tears being shed. But I heart some one say ” the more you cry the less you have to pee” I loved it. few pics are taken then up the hill we head as a green emotional mass.

The waiting is cruel… you need to pee again, it’s cold out but here we are in our green Team Myles shirts doing a cheer to get us ready.  We are all separate but we are all one.  We may move away over the next hour or so but we are all together in the end.  But I still have to get to the end.

My loving daughter doesn’t stray too far. . I know I held her back.  She could have rocked the clock with her time but she chose to stay with me.  Start and finish with me.  I realize this as we are running and the tears start again.  I tell myself to focus and keep going.  I do great for a fee kms. Then I see the 5k mark in the park. I think omg I am half way there.  Tears again.  I am actually doing this.  No turning back.  I focus again and stop for a quick pee break. And way we go.

The Bluenose crew now play a very cruel joke.  I don’t see any markers for distance. Feels like forever.  Then it’s 9k and I see our Team Myles 5kers on the side of the street.  Water works again but it’s downhill stretch. Let’s just Giv’er!!!!

The last turn up ahead onto Brunswick. . Cruel joke again. .. all uphill to finish line.  I get half way and it hits me. … holy shit I am almost done. Feet  stop!!! Tears start!!! Phylicia looks at me like ” come on mom. . We are almost there” some stranger yells ” let’s go Pam!!” Feet start. .. head is down because tears are still going and away we go.  And we cross that finish line.  Myles meets us.   Sue comes for a hug and I lose it.  Hugs for my baby girl. More tears. We did it!! Just ran 10k. Like holy cow I did it. What an amazing time.

The whole process has been amazing.  Everyone is amazing.  I would do it again in a minute.  And hopeful will be able to next year.

Phylicia and i have already signed up for a 5k to do together and are looking to maybe race weekend in fall with the Team Myles girls.  I certainly want to keep in contact with that great bunch.  Tad crazy but awesomely amazing.

Thank you everyone for allowing me to participate on Team Myles 2017. I will never forget you and the experiences I have had with all of you.  And thank you for allowing a mom to spend some quality time with my baby girl.

P.S.   tears are still flowing.  I am an emotional mess today. Lol. Kisses and Love Pam.


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