The bumps along the road

Sometimes the best laid plans are foiled by a few bumps along the road. A few weeks ago, I was rear-ended and I’ve been dealing with some whiplash and SI issues. I’m in physio, and had to walk for training, instead of running. Our coach (Leanne Huck) is a #LifemarkAtlantic physiotherapist, and was highly supportive of the plan I had in place to modify my training a necessary to accommodate the healing process.

It’s challenging when you’re training to run, and are forced to slow the pace, while your team mates are running around you. On the one hand, I’m so proud of what these incredible women continue to accomplish, but on the other, I find it personally frustrating that I’m not where I should be. Then I had a bit of an ah-ha moment, that we are each where we should be, given our own set of circumstances.

When we signed up, no one anticipated -18 hill nights in freezing rain, car accidents, back and knee issues, but such is life, these are the bumps in the road. The magic of #TeamMyles is that regardless of where you are in your training journey, there are 20+ people who are there to support you, inspire you, and motivate you to do the best you can do. Just 8 weeks ago, this group of strangers met, and decided that together, we can do anything.

Running isn’t just about hitting the pavement, it’s an experience, every time you set out. If you run by yourself, it may be for stress release, exercise or having some time to yourself. When you run with a team, it’s about keeping your commitments, hysterical laughter, hip circles and brunch – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The biggest obstacle we all face is getting the negative voice out of your head, and just trying  … to do what you can do, trying your best. It’s about shaking the fear the failure, and embracing that each time you run, is a success.

The coaches (Leanne, Jeanette and Cindy) take the time to run at the front, the middle, and the back of the pack, just to check in and see how people are feeling. If they sense someone needs a bit more encouragement on any given run, they shelf their own personal goals and run with that person. And it occurred to me, that this is really what #TeamMyles is all about. We are a team of coaches, mentors and team mates, supporting everyone along the way to reach their own personal best.

We’re just four weeks out from #BlueNoseMarathon and we’re ready … to set our own pace … our own goals … and achieve them.

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