Minor Set Back, but not giving up.

Since my last blog in regards to Body Pump 1 Nicole 0, I have had a little set back.  Between body pump on Monday, April 3rd and my run on Tuesday, April 4th my right knee as been swollen pretty bad to where I have not been able to do anything much. I did attend Yoga on Thursday night which seemed to help it a little.

I have been taking the advice of our coach Leanne, so last night I did a short bike ride at the gym followed by a swim and some time in a hot tub.  Seems to have helped, swelling as gone down quite a bit today and have been able to bend my knee much more today.  This is the second time since starting training with Team Myles that my knee as given me issues.  I waited it out the last time and had two great weeks of runs and hill training.  I tend to do the same again this time.  I am not going to let these little flair ups get me down and take me out of the game.

I will wait patiently for it to get better and then make up the time I have lost.  The support that is given to us from our coach, mentors and also all the team members here in Halifax and also those in Truro is unbelievable. There is nothing that we can’t accomplish while we all have each others backs.

Tomorrow is Sunday which is our long run day, I am still going to attend and walk what I can and cheer on my team mates and be there for encouragement.  I am hoping that when I have my session with Leanne on April 13th, it is well enough that she gives me the okay to run.  Until then I will walk, bike and swim so I keep the momentum going until I can run along side my POD and entire team once again.

Down but not out.



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