Holy Hills Batman

Today’s weight is: i have no sweet clue but i know it’s too much.


So the Bluenose is coming up soon, which is exciting. But also kind of terrifying because my experience with Team Myles will end and i’m sure i will just stop working out or being consistent just like last year after the Bluenose ended.

I find it really hard to be consistent.

Yesterday kristen and Judy went for their run together, Melissa and I joined as they welcomed everyone from the group to come out. We did part of the 10k route. We started at the race start, went down south park, young ave into point pleasant park, up through the park and out through the few side streets until we got back to young. We finished somewhere around victoria but we had planned on getting back to the start.

I know Kristen and Judy didn’t feel it was a great run (and not all runs will be great runs, some of them are just going to suck and your head wont be in the game). But i had a great run, i was happy to be out with them and I know I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard if they weren’t around. Just knowing someone else was out there with me gave me yhe ability to push instead of giving up.

There are a lot of hills in this city.

I’m proud that i tried my best to run up most of the hills. I just kept telling myself that if i ran to the top I could just coast my way down the other side. I can feel my stamina growing for hills and distance. That’s a good feeling. I still need to work on my pace, i start strong but finish slow. I’d like to be a bit more even.

Yesterdays hilly route gave my middle toe some trouble. My toenail started pulling away and now my toe is bruised. I’m going to have to keep an eye on that. But apparently it’s common when running downhill because your foot slides forward in your shoe.

My goal this sunday is to make 8k. My goal tomorrow night is to consistently run to the top of citadel hill as last week i only made it two thirds up each time. Tonight i’m going to make a list of small goals so that i can cross them off as they happen. I find smaller goals more manageable. Right now running 10k sti feels daunting but running 8k doesn’t seem so bad.

Today’s weight is: my own inconsistency and the fear that i will fall deeper down that rabbit hole when my support system disapears.

Today’s non scale victory: hills. They are tough but I conquered em! Also, the ability to get in my own head and shake that doubt away in tough moments.


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