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Note: As you read this image I just want to say that I am not implying that you take your ability to run for granted. I just know that I have before, which is why I share this, but I am not implying that you do :)

Heads up, it’s a longer blog – Running brings out all the feelings <3 :)

Today as I drove to our #TeamMyles group run at Point Pleasant Park I was driving on Tower Rd. and saw someone running by Saint Mary's University (SMU) wearing a Boston Marathon jacket. For some reason, this brought up emotions in me. I immediately had a huge smile on my face and teared up for a second. As I continued on Tower Rd I saw more runners. This happens to me often… seeing people run makes me so happy and proud. I don't know these people, but they are a part of a community that I have chosen to include myself in. I will likely never meet Mr.BostonMarathon or the others I saw running but I felt so excited for anyone that has that (Boston) experience or one that is equivalent to them.

Why the Boston Marathon? The bombing in 2013 struck me emotionally. We hear of tragic events far too often unfortunately, but why did this event in particular strike a cord? I think for me it was because I had just recently started trying to run having not been able to for years due to self-believed limitations (not super serious injuries and being overweight). I know how proud I was to finish a 5K at that point and to be working towards a 10K, I could only imagine the training and emotions that go in to an event like the Boston Marathon and then to have a senseless act ruin that day for so many people made me so sad. Since then Boston's been the event that I put on a pedestal.

Me at the Boston Marathon Finish Line 2014
*Me at the Boston Marathon Finish line in 2014

Although my body may never allow a full marathon, let alone a qualifying pace for Boston, seeing this jacket and the runners out today made me realize that the 10K at the Blue Nose was my first “Boston” experience. It was a HUGE accomplishment for me. Then completing a half marathon was my next “Boston” moment. And I now get to pay forward my experiences and help you to your “Boston” (or whatever inspires you) moment which is a real honour.

Today (or yesterday for Truro) you ran 8 X 5:1s (or whatever your body allowed for you). Today you moved. Today you got up, you put your layers on, you got out in the cold snowy weather and challenged yourselves. Maybe today was your “Boston” moment. Maybe every single moment you lace up is your “Boston” moment. And you know what, if that’s the case your a step ahead when it comes to the gratitude and appreciation for what your body can do.

Watching you each push yourselves and see the pride when you finish is so special. I had a chat with one of the members today about the appreciation of what our body is capable of and how amazing it is. We talked about how hard moments (set backs, injuries etc) often are what make us aware of how special all of this is. Those moments hit the re-set button. We live in fast-paced environments, most of us going on auto-pilot most of the time, but it’s not until we stop and reflect that we can really appreciate.

Whether you’ve had injuries/set-backs or not I ask you to take a moment and appreciate your body today. Appreciate what YOUR body just did today, this week, this month etc. Our mind often gets in the way of allowing us to stop and realize how this machine of a body is really an amazing thing and can do a lot more then we even realize. I took this for granted. I had a sports injury young and following surgery convinced myself I couldn’t do things. It wasn’t until the right team for me was put in place that people believed I could, and you know what, shortly I started believing it too. I went on to surprise myself. My body did adapt. It did allow me to do things I hadn’t been able to do. And although I knew what it was like to not be able to do those things in the past, I still had moments of taking it for granted (I’ll be honest). I accepted these new abilities as my new norm and it wasn’t until I reflected on where I’ve come from that I remember not long ago I couldn’t do these things. The quote/picture I shared above is something that I’ve been reminding myself of throughout my journey, and especially since new injuries have caused different set backs. At the end of the day, I can still run and I will run at my 100% as long as my machine of a body allows it and I hope that you do too.

Your pace. Your race.
Own where you are today and work towards what your goals are.

So what is your “Boston”? :)


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