5 years later

In 2012 i went on a mission trip to work with some folks imprisoned in Bolivia. My mentor for that was our minister of missions at Immanuel Baptist Church in Truro. He was a brilliant man in my opinion who gave me more strength and courage than anyone i ever met. He was passionate about people, music, food and running and the only thing he loved more than life was the Lord! Because of him I travelled, I sang, i helped feed others through Canada food grains and I started to run. My first “race” was going to be the 5k at Maritime Race Weekend. We were raising money for Canada Food Grains and Lynn was leading the way. On september 2nd 2012 Lynn went out to run and when he was done his run he simply passed away. He was 31 years old with a wife 2 children and as far as we all knew, no health issues. I never went to the race. Now it is time to fulfil my promise and to run with Lynn even if it is only in spirit. Team Myles has brought that back to me. I train hard for Lynn and my goal is in 2018 to complete the marathon that he never got to start.

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