You did it!


Halifax!! Run #1 is complete, you did it and I am so proud of each of you! (I’m proud of you too Truro and can’t wait to meet you all). Whether I had the opportunity to talk with you today or not, I want you to know that you are STRONG and you did great!

Today was bloody freezing and I won’t lie, if I didn’t have a commitment to you all I probably wouldn’t have gone outside for a run today but that is just another reason why Team Myles is so great! Commitment, Accountability, Teamwork, Support, Fun, Friendships.

Aside from it being so great to meet you all it was so great to see you all take the first step towards the goals that you have. To watch you be vulnerable and challenge yourself (you have no idea how strong you are – you’re all amazing!). To watch the mentors, who a year ago were where you are, mentor you and be so flipping amazing at it was also really great for me to watch as someone who watched their journeys unfold last year. My heart is honestly bursting with how proud I am of all of you.

I was a bit under the weather today (head cold got me this week) so my energy wasn’t at 100% but I’ll be good for hills don’t worry:P As you sit back today/tonight to reflect on things I hope that one of the thoughts you have is pride. I hope you acknowledge that you’ve made a big and amazing step towards a healthier life and that is something to be proud of. You showed up and you gave it 100%.

Like the picture says, don’t focus so much on the results right now, focus on having fun. Focus on getting to know your team and adapting some healthier changes into your life. When you focus on the fun and you open yourself up to all of what Team Myles can bring you, the results will come. Trust the process and enjoy the journey!

Just Keep Going :)

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