Winter Warriors


You did it!! First hills night is now behind you and you all rocked it! I’m so proud of you all :)

I feel like I owe you all an apology… like this bad weather is my fault and I’m cursed haha Melissa reminded me that last year every night I coached Team Myles on hills it was bad weather and we’re two runs in this year and we’ve had -25 (or something close to it) and then hail (at the end though).

But I’m not going to apologize… BECAUSE these runs are what makes a runner stronger. These runs test us. These runs force us out of our comfort zone (even more then this program probably already has). These runs build character. These runs give us stories. These runs make us winter warriors, and I’m definitely not going to apologize for any role in that :P (sadly, I actually have no control over the weather….sorry) ;)

I’ll be honest. I may have been runner for a few years now but I am not a huge fan of freezing haha This program is so great because it holds us all accountable. We know people are expecting us. We know people care about us. We know people want to see us. We know people will wonder why we’re not there. This group is a blessing and I am grateful to be here to coach you all and watch the growth you will make physically and mentally over the next couple months.

As your journeys are beginning there may be obstacles (usually they hit us early in), please remember that obstacles are put on our path for us to see if what we want is worth fighting for. It won’t always be easy but I promise you it will be worth it.

Just Keep Going :)

Ps. wishing for better weather Sunday!

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