We’re a team


The Team Myles staff and coaches may have selected who was on this team but you all are what actually makes it true to it’s definition: “to come together as a team to achieve a common goal”. We may only be 2 weeks into the program but I can already see this team coming together and it’s incredible to watch. Seeing you cheer each other on, the high fives, the support, the concern for each other, the motivational quotes, the sharing of trials, the meeting up to workout together other than scheduled runs and so on. I know there are lots more bonding and conversations happening that social media isn’t privy too which is what makes this experience so special.

You started this journey as strangers with a common goal. You will finish as friends completing a goal together, forever bonded by this experience.

There is an incredible bond that I’m sure all sports bring, but for me, running has brought into my life. Because of running I have met so many people who I wouldn’t have normally met. I’ve been cheered on by strangers. I’ve had people tell me they were inspired by watching my struggles and journey (which is so humbling to me). I’ve been hugged by people I don’t know well but have bonded over completing something meaningful to us both. I’ve expanded my group of friends. I’ve been challenged. I have learned new things and I’ve been introduced to a whole new community. A family. A team.

You will always be a part of the Team Myles team, but know that you are also part of the running community/team. You are a runner. You are a team.

Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much – Helen Keller

Just keep going :)

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