Ready To Get My Run On!

I am not a runner. Yet. Am I allowed to say that? Prior to joining Team Myles, I had tried to start running maybe a handful of times, but never stuck with it. One day it dawned on me that I needed a little push to start running, so I decided to sign up for the Blue Nose Marathon 5k run. That’s when I saw the page advertising for the Team Myles training program. As I began reading about the program, I knew immediately that this was the kick start I needed and so I applied. When I finally got the email welcoming me to the team, I was over the moon excited!! .. Immediately followed by terror. What did I get myself into? How was I going to do this? I spoke to a girl I knew who had been on the team last year, and she offered me a lot of support and made me realize that it’s possible (Thanks Melissa! ;) ). So here I am, just finished shopping at the Running Room, getting prepared physically and mentally to join the Halifax team on our first run tomorrow! My new goal is to run the Blue Nose 10k with my new team members and I’m happy to say that I’m already starting to feel like a runner.

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