Little about me

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get started, however, I was having a moment in which following the instruction sent to us was not registering right in my brain.

My name is Nicole Mauger(pronounced Major) I am 44 years old however by the time we run the 10k I will have celebrated my 45th birthday.  I work at the Delta Hotels of Halifax by Marriot, I work out of the Delta Barrington and I am the Laundry Production Manager for both properties. I have been in this role for the past 8 years but have been in the Hotel Hospitality Industry since 1998.  My hobbies include softball, camping with friends, hiking and  spending time with my Mom.  Since my Dads passing in July 2008 I have had to make some changes to my lifestyle to be there in a more supportive role both mental and financial for my Mom.  To know fault of hers I have let myself slip into a routine of coming home from work and just lazing around the apartment and snacking in the evenings.  I don’t go out and socialize with friends like I used to.  I tend to feel guilty about leaving her on her own, although she encourages me to take some time for myself.

I used to run with a group a few years ago and have completed the 10k at the Blue Nose twice in the past.  I truly appreciate being chosen to be a part of Team Myles.  I have had many work colleagues be a part of this team and they have spoken very highly of the support that is given through the group.  When I was running in the past and going to the gym regularly I felt good about myself and it gave me piece of mind.  I want to get back to that and try to get back to a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally.   

With the little time I have spent with this group so far I know I have made the right decision applying to be a part of this team and I so look forward to getting to know everyone a little more each time we are out there together.  I know we can all reach our goals with the support of one another.  Now let’s go and Giv’er.



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