First Run Done

There are a lot of firsts for #TeamMyles2017 this year … first time for 2 teams… first time for 3 coaches … first time for getting up close and personal with lacross balls ;)

Training is underway, and it’s like the start of a new school year, or New Year’s resolutions to begin, or begin again the steps for active, healthy living. Coach Leanne H. has provided a schedule to keep everyone moving every day, and our team are fierce… they are dedicated and committed. I love the level of enthusiasm – it is motivating and inspiring to see the drive the #TeamMyles members have.

If you’re seeing these posts thinking  .. Oh I should really try that … DO IT! Just put on some sneakers and walk out the door – run between the lamp posts, or driveways and then walk a little, and Repeat. You’ll feel great that you got out and tried it – and tomorrow you’ll want to try more.  Join us … run up a hill … run some laps – just get out and run!


Until next time …

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