Fearless…the beginning

So, this is my first ever blog on the eve of my first ever training session with Team Myles 2017. I am on the verge of facing fears. For me this journey began 5 weeks ago when I decided to start using a couch to 5k app. I thought ‘I know! In order to keep going I will sign up to do the 5k at the Blue Nose!’. So I did. Then Team Myles was mentioned. I thought ‘What’s the worst could happen! I would do a 5k with or without them!’ Nbd, right? ┬áHaha! Not sure about that… (now it’s 10k)…eek! Facing fears.

I thought the deadline had passed, and with it the Team Myles opportunity. And to my surprise I was disappointed!! I thought I would feel relief because I wouldn’t have to disappoint myself by failing and being held accountable. But no, I was sad. Until….(wait for it)… I got the acceptance email!! And I thought ‘yay!’, because what a wonderful opportunity!, and then ‘oh crap’, because they are going to make me face my s**t. And, unbeknownst to me at the time, do a 10k!!

I know right? Scary. Anyway, here goes. To new beginnings. If I don’t die I will be back here again. And to facing fears… J




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