Enough is Enough!

So this is my first blog.  I’ve been holding out giving this a try as I wanted my first blog to be positive and up beat, waiting for that magic moment when it all comes together and I feel worthy of posting my accomplishments …. well I’m still waiting.

I was a late bloomer, joining Team Myles after the launch had happened, I missed the meet and great so to speak so I was a bit nervous as I didn’t get the opportunity to meet my fellow team mates but that was not a problem, Alvin and the girls made me feel welcome.

I felt really good about our first runs, I was able to keep up with the 1:1 and 2:1 runs.  Then my body let me down by letting the flu take over and put me out of commission for almost two weeks.  I was so frustrated and so worried I’d fall behind my group and I was having issues with the arches of my feet aching so bad during and after my runs.  Paul made suggestions for new running shoes and I made the purchase.  I love my new Brooks Glycerins but I was still having issues with my left foot so off I go to see Paul on Tuesday to see if he could help.  We decided on adding a new insole with more arch support.  His advice was to give them a try at our run that night but if they were bothering my feet I was to turn back and replace the insoles with the original sneaker insole.  Well that’s exactly what happened, we started our run at 4:1, I made it around the block accomplishing two sets and couldn’t make it any further.  I left the group and headed back to the my car to replace the insoles.  I was able to catch up with the group again but by then I had no idea how I had done with the 4:1.  After our run Amanda Grant joined us with some great nutritional information, eating tips, and delicious treats, yummy!  This kind of made up for the crappy run, thanks Amanda.

Yesterday I beat myself up all day, I was feeling defeated about my Tuesday run and probably like most of us getting so tired of this March weather, it is not at all inviting to get out and run.  Then I seen all the posts from the Team Myles gals hitting their tread mills, some of us hating running inside but they were running.  This inspired me to think “Enough is Enough” stop whining about crappy runs it’s time to pickup my feet and make this happen.  When I got home after work I dug out my dust cloth and dusted off my out dated bottom of the line treadmill.  I suited up in my run gear, tied up my Glycerins and hit the tread.  I set the time to 30 minutes, incline at one and speed at 3.5.  I’m not 100% sure how to set it to intervals so I left the time at 30 minutes.  My plan was to run 4 minutes at 3.5 then turn it down to a walk for a minute then back up to 3.5.  When I got to 4 minutes I was feeling really good so I though heck let’s see how I feel at 5.  Five came and I was feeling fine so I aimed for 10, wow 10 I was still running, 15 still running, 20 still running, I think you got the picture now.  At 28 minutes I slowed the speed down to two and did the cool down.  I was supper excited, I had completed 28 minutes running with no walk breaks, I wasn’t breaking the speed limits at 3.5 but I ran for 28 minutes.  My treadmill calculates in miles and I had completed 1.71 miles.  Now I feel like I have accomplished something worth blogging. This has boosted my confidence thanks to the support from the Team Myles facebook posts, if I hadn’t read about your treadmill runs I likely would have let the dust build up higher on my old dinosaur.  Now I am going to give it new life on those days old man winter-spring is torturing us.

This evening Truro Team Myles is having our first Yoga session with Amy Topshee.  I am so pumped to try Yoga, thanks Amy for the opportunity.

Well that’s it, my first blog and hopefully not my last.  Thank you Lifemark so much for choosing me as a Team Myles Ambassador to prepare for the Blue Nose Marathon.

P.S. could not figure out how to use the tags, maybe next time!

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