And they did it …..

Week 3 of training is a mylestone for #TeamMyles. It’s what separates those who think they can’t into those who prove that they can.

Running 3 minutes may sound simple … to runners … fit people … people who are being chased by bears, but it isn’t, if you’re new to running and a bit out of shape. The mentors keep motivating … the coaches keep coaching … and we all have to trust the process. But that didn’t help the team the night before they undertook this feat. Almost all of them doubted their ability … and themselves.

Move ahead from 11:00 to 11:45 when each and every one of the team completed this Mylestone .. and rocked it. The best part was the change in attitude from I can’t .. to I did … and seeing the light go on. This is possible … you are doing the work … and your results are obvious.

There is a magic about #TeamMyles that is hard to explain. You know from day 1, that you are no longer alone in your journey to an active, healthier life. You have a team surrounding you, and someone beside you every step of the way. The nagging, negative voice inside your head gets quieted … and all of a sudden you find your stride and just run.

I’m so proud of our team … they are dedicated .. they are committed and they are each taking that next step towards an active healthier lifestyle, and running 10Km. Ladies – you are amazing, and congratulations to each of you on this week’s accomplishments. You should be very proud.


Keep on movin … #10KAlltheWay!




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