Team Myles: the wind in my sails

It was one year ago that I was embarking on this journey. Aimlessly scrolling through twitter and seeing this thing called “Team Myles” – an opportunity that seemed too good to be true. You get a trainer, gym membership, yoga membership, physio, nutrition, basically everything you need to learn to run (big thanks to our wonderful sponsors), just handed over in return for sharing via social media and blogging. Who was I to think that I could be an “ambassador” for the Blue Nose Marathon?! Me, an overweight couch potato, unmotivated and accepting that I would never fit into my old clothes again, and that my weight was just a fact of life.

After mulling it over, shutting my eyes as I clicked “send”, I took a leap of faith.  Here I am, one year later, having gained my “old self” back through this lifestyle shift thanks to Team Myles. It was the wind in my sails. I not only ran a continuous 10km race at Blue Nose 2016, I inspired others along the way. I, Melissa Crane, am a person that people come to for health and fitness motivation (blasphemy!).

It’s not easy to put this journey in only a few words. It was hours of work – literal blood, sweat and tears. Nervous nights and tiring days. However, most of those were laced with giggles, friendship, and self-discovery. In the end, I found myself through Team Myles. What was better – I found others through it, too.

Here I am on the other side having completed 4 10k’s shaving 11 minutes off my time, plus 9 5k’s. I also completed a mud obstacle course, something I thought only incredibly fit people could achieve. I’ve lost 40lbs and my “goal jeans” are now too big. I’ve maintained my healthy lifestyle by finding a balance (that even includes eating chocolate every once in a while), and am on my way to running my first half marathon this fall. That’s a big deal for a person who used to fake injuries to get out of gym class.

What is better, are the people that mention to me that I’ve inspired them. I found that blogging was a great way to get my feelings out throughout my Team Myles journey. Therapeutic even. What I didn’t realize, was that people – family, friends, and strangers were actually reading along! After Team Myles ended those people reached out to find where they could continue following my story, and that’s where my blog, Better in the Long Run was born (excuse my shameless plug ;) ).

I am so incredibly honored to be chosen to mentor this year’s #TeamMyles2017. If I can be half as supportive as my mentors were for me, I’ve done my job. I cannot wait to share the journey with this fantastic group – helping them conquer fears and seeing them prove to themselves that they CAN do whatever they set out to do. I cannot wait to see the contrast between the first hill training night and the last. I cannot wait to see them inspire the people around them. I hope I can be a person to lean on, a shoulder to cry on and a confidant to depend on.

So here we are Team Myles 2017! At the base of this mountain we’re about to climb together. Sometimes it will get tough. You might have to conquer some fears. We might have to help each other climb every once in a while. However, once we get to the top, the view from up there is incredible - trust me. 


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