TeamMyles; Launching ahead

And so it begins; tonight was the opening launch for TeamMyles 2016. My  level of excitement has for some reason been sharply contrasted by the strong feeling of anxiety as I make my way in to the room.  But then, that is one of the reasons why I need to be here:  a few years ago I began my running adventure during an exceedingly rough divorce.  It seemed so easy to feel that with every pounding of my feet against pavement I was running farther and farther away from a man who had been emotionally abusive and the ensuing stress of a long and nasty custody battle.  Gaining some much needed emotional distance, the running felt good, I felt good and I completed some of the local 5k events with ease.  For a year and a half I continued with the running  however as a single mother with full time custody  of a toddler, the opportunities to run became fewer and fewer until they were non-existent.

Fast forward 13 years and 28 pounds; granted neither number seems quantifiably significant however the difference between 37 and 50 years old (yikes – it sounds so old) and the difference between 105 and 133 on a 5’1” frame helps put things a bit more in perspective – I felt old and I felt uncomfortable in all my clothes so I decided at that point that I would get a larger breed dog so that I would be forced to get out and run. Enter 9 week old Dexter, a mixed breed of indeterminate  parentage.  This was going to be the turning point to get me back in shape….. or so I thought.  It wasn’t very long at all until I realized that even as a puppy I just didn’t have the stamina to keep up with Dexter for more than 3 minutes at a time which really didn’t seem to do either of us any good.  I also quickly realized that whenever we came close to people, I would automatically begin walking as I was so self-conscious about the deep gasping breaths and afraid that someone would call 911 thinking I was about to go into cardiac arrest.  While I will admit that my running form is not quite on par with Phoebe from Friends, I was embarrassed to have people see me run.

So what does TeamMyles mean to me this evening? It means stepping out of all my comfort zones; I am no longer only going to be able to run when there is no one around hence the word “Team”;  I am no longer going to be the discreet, almost invisible presence on social media I have strived to be as we have to share our experiences and as those who know me will attest to I do not post things about myself and have not ever taken, let alone posted, selfies;  I am going to have to go in to a gym…. most likely when it is open as opposed to having it to myself so no one sees my complete lack of both expertise and upper body strength.

So I have 5 main goals; get more fit so I can enjoy the next 50 years, allow myself to be somewhat “social media exposed” and force both my physical and non-physical comfort zones to come down, but most of all to enjoy the experience with people who are all pursuing their own end goals.

So if I haven’t bored you to tears, I welcome you to join me on my journey….. and to TeamMyles, I raise a glass to you as a toast to new found friendships and experiences. Hells’ ya!


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