Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon weekend must be experienced for yourself!

medalI AM IN ABSOLUTE AWE of the community support for this event.

As the weekend began, it was incredible to be working behind the scenes.

Friday afternoon, it was super fun to volunteer at the 10K race kit pick-up during the Active Living Expo and get to talk to the exhibitors, Blue Nose staff & volunteers and the many excited & nervous runners.

Saturday morning, some of us volunteered to paint blue noses on the kids before their Youth Run. It was amazing to find out we had over 4200 youth this year making it the largest in Canada.


Our Scotiabank Charity Challenge charity SCRI Society: The Club ran in the 5K and Team Myles cheered on them and the entire 5K from the sidelines. It was so inspiring and anxiety-reducing to see all ages and abilities out on this sunny plus 20 degree afternoon. There was so much positivity, laughter and emotion – strangers supporting strangers – everyone elevating each other. I have so many personal one-on-one moments that will be Instagrammed on my mind for years to come. We ended the afternoon by having supper together as a team at the Pasta Village.  At home, everything was laid out and the bag was packed for the 6am alarm.


Sunday – the big race morning – the nerves were jangling as we sat in the Delta Halifax. But when we hit the street – it was so energetic. It must be experienced for yourself if you haven’t yet. You could feel it at the start line, in the crowds and in the speaker bass and drum beats pumping through you from the various volunteer-run boogie stations. It pulsed through you and gave you power to go on. This energy was in the runners next to you – smiling and laughing and motivating. It was in the waving volunteers to the giant cheering squad as you’re about to turn the final corner.

Not every run is a good one, but Sunday I achieved my Mylestone. Earlier in the week, I had gone for a quick run and felt like I was falling apart. Too worked up about it. I was glad to be back together again on race day. Simply enjoying the day. That was the key. We had all done the work. And as someone on our team said – this was now just the reward. I didn’t stop. I tried to be present; to engage; to take in the sights, sounds, ocean breeze and salt air.


We all celebrated our Mylestones with a massage from LifeMark at the Celebration Zone followed by breakfast at Tempo in the Delta Halifax. The festivities continued at the Blue Nose afterparty at the World Trade where the evening ended with lots of hugs.  I am so proud of us. Going from zero to 10k in three short months is Transformation Tuesday on bust. Or a season of Survivor without all the rice. No one’s voted out but only given love. I will always cherish this weekend but we won’t rest for too long. There are more goals to seek out and achieve.


Often, we get so caught up in desires and instant gratification, but I must say – it’s so much more rewarding to see the small daily habits build up until the final goal is achieved. To do it with others is even more rewarding and so much more fun. It was incredibly inspiring and I encourage anyone and everyone to apply for Team Myles next year or join the race on your own if you haven’t already.

The next morning, I had a little tear up. I think no matter who you are – at some point – we tear ourselves down. Some more than others. Some for a moment or a day. Some for years.  We belittle ourselves and it’s so heart-breakingly sad that we do this to ourselves. But we do. We listen to voices in our heads or something or someone outside of ourselves. But when you do something like the Blue Nose – it’s incredibly empowering and you think – I hope I never allow myself to be torn down again.

Whether we’ve realized this early on or we’re a late bloomer, the past is no longer important. It’s what we do now.  And a new chapter begins…

Thanks again to the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon for having us on Team Myles, our coaches Devin and Cindy from 360 Fit, our mentors and alumni, our family and friends, our financial supporters in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge, the ever-so-animated Myles, the VOLUNTEERS, the encouraging and very active Halifax community and our sponsors : Coleen from Inner Peas, LifeMark, Brooks Canada, Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio, Running Room, Recharge with Milk and the Delta Halifax.

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