Before I began this journey, I had a goal in mind. To run 10k without stopping. I knew I would have great difficulty getting there on my own. Team Myles has been amazing and provided support and training that have been essential for this journey.

That being said, I haven’t reached my goal yet. Last Saturday was a good run. I did 8K. We had 4 minutes of walking breaks during 60 minutes of running. This past Tuesday night was Hill night. We ran non-stop up and down that hill for 30 minutes. NO breaks!! That in and of itself is an amazing feat. This past Wednesday night I went out and did 8.55k in 67 minutes with only 4 minutes of walking breaks with a friend of mine.

I have ran a couple of 5k’s before this year but I never succeeded in running them without stopping. I considered that a running failure.

I have changed my PERSPECTIVE through this journey. A journey is not considered a success because it did not have any stops along the way. Throughout our training we have made friends, developed a love for running, had many ups and downs, setbacks, successes and have shared many laughs. We are all much stronger runners than when we started. That is what makes this journey a success!! Come race day, I would love to be able to run the 10k without stops but if I don’t, I will not consider the journey a failure but rather a road with many twists, turns, hills, bumps and a lot of happiness along the way.


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