Ode to my Team Myles Sponsors and Family


Twas the weeks before the Bluenose  when all through the town

Team Myles was running Up hills and down

With Gill taking lead and Jo-Ann in the back

The mentors were spaced to give us some slack

Tina and Leanne both kept to the centre

If you ran into problems you were always near a mentor

And then ah Yes. Cindy and Devin… From 360(oh soooo) Fit

Our Coach and great leader saying “You can do it”

Our first training runs we were all so much weaker

So Paul from Centric Health saw our feet to recommend Brooks sneakers

Now faster we’re going with troubles much less

Plus we’ve all been to TAYS to manage breathing and stress

With talks of nutrition from Inner Peas in great length

We now know how to eat better to gain more strength

We drank lots of Milk while we trim and we tone

To recharge it was best for teeth and for bone

Thanks to Jodi, Melissa, Cheryl, Kelly, Kelly, Angie, Jacquelyn, Joseph, Jeanette

Krista, Caroline, Carlee, Shona, Sarah, Sami, Kim,  for fond memories I’ll never forget

To our coach and our mentors from the start to the end

You have bonded us all as running family and friend

Let us not soon forget our great lead Myles

Leading us through town gathering smiles

So I wish you all Godspeed for a fabulous run

Thank you Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon for laughter, tears and funimage!


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One Response to “Ode to my Team Myles Sponsors and Family”

  1. Jo-Ann McNamara
    Jo-Ann McNamaraMay 22, 2016 at 1:10 am #

    This is amazing!!!! Well done and thank you for being such a great team member! It’s been fun getting to know you.

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