A journey longer than 10k

Sometimes you just have to tell yourself you can, lace up your shoes, and try. I mean really try. Not sorta try, not half try, not attempt, but silence that negative voice in your head and really give it your all. When you do that, you realize how easy it is to accomplish something.

The leap of faith that I took when I applied for this team was one of those pivotal moments, the ones you look back on as a fork in the road and wonder how different your life might be if you went left instead of right. My motivation was simple: I was tired of telling myself it wasn’t possible.

We all have baggage, and for me, my life’s hurdles have shaped who I am today. I have overcome a lot, and although I can look back proudly at my accomplishments, there are battle wounds that I’m still healing. I think this quote from my Team Myles application sums it up:

I am still carrying the excess weight as a result of those struggles. It serves as a reminder – but it is not the kind of battle wound I want to keep. Each year I dream of crossing that finish line like I set out to do back in 2012. This year I want to stop making excuses, to leave the past behind and move forward. 

And that is just what I did this weekend. With my family, friends, coaches, sponsors and team mates cheering for me as I went, I ran in the 10k in the Blue Nose Marathon in 1:19. Silly me started beating myself up afterwards about my time – being 2 mins longer than my practice run – finishing a bit behind the group I usually run with. After taking a step back I realized how incredibly silly it is to compare yourself to anybody but yourself, and, in reality I had just accomplished something that I never thought I could do back in March when we started this thing. I walked into the launch event thinking I’d run 5k TOPS and probably stop to walk. I did double that distance, non-stop. So really, I kicked that 10k’s butt, regardless.

There are no words to express the feeling of heading over a finish line. Especially, after having trained hard for 12 weeks, with many ups and downs, emotionally and physically draining days, always pushing ahead to get to that spot on Brunswick street some way, somehow. Then it happens.


freephoto.tmpl-4435-BNZZ3095-IJP1I also would like to thank everyone who has reached out to me in the last few days – I pretty much cry every time someone mentions how proud they are of me. I can’t believe I’ve done something that people can be proud of. Thanks so much for telling me. Special shout out to my parents, my uncle Glenn, my good friends Brittannie and Robert, and my incredibly supportive partner Shamir, for coming out to cheer me on along the route and at the finish.

Speaking of Shamir, I need to give the biggest THANK YOU ever to him. He drove me to training days, walked the dog when I couldn’t, trained with me, helped me change my diet, listened over and over to my team stories, picked me up when I doubted myself, but most importantly believed that I could do this long before I knew I could. I am the luckiest.

To my team mates: You are my family. You have seen me at my worst, and at my very very best. One of the first things a mentor said to me at the launch event was that I’d make life long friends. They were totally right. I can’t wait to keep training with you guys, and head out as Team Myles ALUMNI (!!) to a bunch of other runs this summer and beyond. There’s a good chunk of my heart taken up by all of you. God I’m crying again.

Thanks to our sponsors!! You suited us up, trained us, stretched us out, repaired our broken parts, nourished us, and encouraged us along the way! Thanks Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon, 360fit, TAYS Yoga, Lifemark Atlantic, Running Room, Brooks Running, Inner Peas Nutrition, Recharge with Milk, and Delta Barrington.

Thanks to our fantastically lanky, semi-athletic, animated mascot, MYLES!! You’re adorable, and I’m still not sure where you came from or how you got here, but you’re the best. ( ;) ) But seriously, thanks for cheering for us, training with us, and ALL the hugs and high fives!

THANK YOU TO BLUE NOSE! You’re not getting rid of me any time soon. I can’t wait to come to train with next year’s Mylers as an alumni!!! This is an incredible community you have created. Halifax is better because of the Blue Nose Marathon, and my life is better because of Team Myles.

To all of my followers, those who have liked, shared, and tweeted me along the way, thanks! It really helps to have a hype team :) Now I’m challenging YOU! Team Myles 2017 will be recruiting sometime this winter. If I can do it, you totally can do it.

Here’s some photos of the weekend!

Melissa Crane, Team Myles 2016, OUT *mic drop*







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