Breathing easy with TAYS

Downward Dog with Upward Dof

Downward Dog with Upward Dog

Tonight I went to TAYS Yoga.  As this was yet something else new that I was doing with the Bluenose Marathon, I sheepishly walked in to a room where several other people were sitting quietly.  You could hear a pin drop as I clumsily stomped my way in to the room.I was warmly welcomed, given a run-down of what supplies I would need to take the floor and even given a sporty water bottle.  As I was led off to a spot in the middle of the room it was explained that this way, I could see those with more experience regardless of where I was facing.

It turned out that this was a form of “active yoga” so being able to follow the many pose changes of those around me was very beneficial.  Although I felt like a pretzel, I must say I felt that the transitions from pose to pose almost made me forget that I was moving into non-natural positions.

Towards the end of the class the lights were lowered, relaxing music softly played in the background and I watched as everyone grabbed a blanket, lay back and covered themselves.  While this struck me as being really odd and awkward,  I remained the only person sitting up so quickly realized I was the only one looking awkward and followed their lead to tuck myself in for a nap on the floor.

The moment could only be described as surreal as I escaped my insecurities, forgot about my sore legs from the run the day before, took control of steady breathing and simply relaxed into the floor enjoying the music and the resulting ambiance.  Ah yes, I could live in the moment and enjoy this indefinitely until….grrrrrr, grrrr, grrrr, grrrrrr………………. BAM – back to reality.  The growling of my stomach continued on incessantly destroying the tranquility of the moment.  There was no way that each and every person was not jolted back from the ebb of solace by the ongoing noise coming from me.  It was then that I realized that I had become so very relaxed through the moves of the evening that the noise that would have otherwise caused me to be mortified really didn’t manage to stress me that much.

Would I recommend TAYS?  Definitely!  I look forward to going back to strengthen my body, my breathing and my mind.  Truly fits in with the renovation plan.  Thank you TAYS!

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