10K competed!

As we are getting closer to the ScotiaBank Bluenose Marathon my nerves are kicking in. We have been running twice a week, attending 360 fit bootcamps and TAYS yoga classes to help make our bodies and minds strong but not having run that distance yet plays with your self confidence.

My friend and fellow Myles Teammate decided to get together one evening after work and give it a shot. We made a plan of running 9 mins and walking one for at least 8k and depending on how we felt maybe pushing for 9/10k.

It was a beautiful evening to run and we started out strong with smiles on our faces and good tunes in our ears.  Melissa runs at a faster pace the I do which made me push myself a little harder and when we reached the 8k mark we looked at each other and nodded, neither of us was willing to quit this close to our goal.

We didn’t follow the race route perfectly but we ran a full 10k for the first time ever! People stopped to stare as we hugged, took selfies and beamed with pride!

image image image

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