What it means to be a team

You know that one friend you have, who knows just how you feel, and always says or does just the right thing? This is #TeamMyles. Each week we progress as individuals, and as a team. I’m consistently impressed with the energy, dedication and commitment that each member brings week after week.

As you’ve read in my blog, or others, some days you have a bad run, and some days you have a great run. But regardless, every member pulls their weight. May of our team members are achieving personal bests every week. And being in a positive environment where people are encouraging you every step of the way is truly the force behind each of us training to cross the finish line. Each of us, running 10km in just 4 weeks.

Did you ever read about why Canada Geese fly in a V formation? That the strong carry the weaker ones until they tire, and then take their place at the back – each taking a turn as leader and follower? That’s #TeamMyles. Our Team is more than just the runners – we have a support network for each aspect of our training, and we are so grateful.

#Brooks has outfitted us like Cinderella – the perfect sneaker fit. #CentricHealthLifeMark is taking care of our aches and pains #InnerPeas is providing our nutritional support, #RechargeWithMilk is our after run drink. These generous and amazing sponsors along with our #fearless #fierce and #badass Coach Devin complete our team.

I had an interesting #MYlestone this week. A friend of mine and I were on a telephone call, and she told me that she had signed up for a 5 km run, and that she had done so, because seeing that I could run – convinced her she could run. She’s an intelligent and thoughtful woman, who mentioned this at the end of our call. I don’t think she’ll ever know how much that conversation meant to me. The #BlueNoseMarathon is exactly what this is all about – #TeamMyles shares our updates, successes and progress, to encourage others to work towards a more active and healthy lifestyle. To create your own #MYlestones …. so … what are YOU waiting for?

Join us ….you won’t regret it!hillsnight


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