T Minus 4 (weeks that is) And Counting

4 weeks, that’s it…that’s all that’s left until the #BlueNoseMarathon.

I find it funny how the mind works sometimes…even though we’ve been preparing, training and know it’s coming, sometimes it almost doesn’t seem real. Well…the reality is 4 weeks away. Physically, we’re getting there. Each week we’re getting stronger and running farther. Some of us are having more difficulty as we progress and then there are others who aren’t struggling as much. It’s quite eye opening to see how each person differs in their progress. For me, the first few weeks were the most difficult; and now, even though there are still times at the beginning of the run that my legs start to ache, I don’t want to stop. I couldn’t say that at the start of this experience, so that alone for me is a huge success. Then, after a few minutes (sometimes it could take up to 10 or so), I seem to find my stride and there’s a shift in my thought process. When the legs are achy, I tell myself that I got this and to keep going. After this shift, there’s not a whole lot of encouragement needed. The running seems to become more natural and the self talk is not needed and fades away. It’s a great feeling, and after talking to a few of my friends who have been running for years, it turns out that some of them also experience this initial achy feeling at the beginning of their runs, and same as with me, after a while it fades away. I know from my own personal experiences, that when you feel like no one else can relate to what you are feeling, the task can seem insurmountable and unattainable. This is why I’ve become a big believer in talking about your struggles and doubts. You’d be surprised what others have also gone through in their own journey. Apparently we’re not that different after all.

So…4 weeks from now at this time, I’ll have finished my first 10k run with some amazing people that I wouldn’t have met without this experience. In addition, a goal I made to myself two years ago will have been realized. In 2014 I made a spur of the moment decision the day before the marathon to walk the 10k. During that walk, I watched as runners ran past me and I remember not wanting anything more than to be running it myself. At that time, I promised myself that the next time I did the 10k I would be running it and dare I say it…it’s going to happen.

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