So this is what progress feels like: A novel.

In the past, I would take up a new activity to attempt to get in shape, give it 110% for the first month or so, then it would taper off until I was no longer committed. I tried a lot of things – running, fitness classes, hot yoga, working out on my own, I even did an aerial silks class (yes, the circus kind). Like all of the rest, I would love it for a while, want to go every day, talk about it with all of my friends, only to allow life, laziness and the need for instant gratification get in the way.

-Run #4:

This past Saturday we did team run #4 in the beautiful Point Pleasant Park. The weather was warmer, everyone was hyped up to actually run IN the park this time (previous weeks its either been too icy or muddy), so off we went to do our 5:1 run. I started with a group but then quickly got winded, and by the time we reached the BIG hill I did exactly what Devin tells us not to do: I stopped to walk. This caused me to lose my group, which left me to my own devices (or lack thereof – since I didn’t have a way to time my run/walk intervals). After that point, I really don’t think I ran 5 mins straight without walking.

After Saturday I was SO disappointed in myself. I was a little less active the week leading up, but that is not a good reason to give up on myself like I did on that hill. While beating myself up, I realized that we’re now 1 month in, and this is the time I usually quit. How could one ever quit Team Myles?! We’re so incredibly lucky to have the support, training from one of Canada’s top personal trainers, Devin Sherrington, memberships to his gym 360fit and Therapeutic Approach Yoga, support from Coleen Nolan from InnerPeas Nutrition, sweet kicks from Brooks and the Running Room, support from LifeMark in case we get injured, and soo much more.

Some other team members have written about how powerful this team really is. When one person struggles, we all struggle with them. It’s been an incredible experience to have people to lean on when a run doesn’t go my way. My team mates reassured me, picked me up and dusted me off, and encouraged me to get out and try it again.

So, that’s what I did! Sunday I went out in my neighborhood and ran 5:1 for 40 mins, no problem. Of course it was difficult, but I got it done. My walk home was a pretty emotional one. I thought about how awesome it felt to get that run done and forget about what happened the day before. I think this was the first time I really felt like I have made real, tangible progress. Suddenly, 10k in May did not seem so far out of reach.

I also came across this sign on my run - how fitting.

I also came across this sign on my run – how fitting.

-Hills (#windchilltuesdays #hellhills) #4:

With my new found attitude I went out to the hill on Tuesday, although freezing cold once again, to get my sprints in. Luckily enough, my partner Shamir (who has now been nicknamed “Gazelle” by my team mates) came along to encourage me. Partway through the hills sesh, I said to Shamir “you know, 30 seconds does not seem half as long as it did in the beginning”. I can honestly remember the first hills night, having time to think “omg when is this 30 seconds going to end?!” on my way up the hill. Now, before I know it, 30 seconds is over and we’re walking again. I can actually feel myself getting better. The realization that my body can do something that it could not do 2 weeks ago is a pretty incredible feeling. PROGRESS FEELS AMAZING.

To keep a good thing going, Catriona and I went out to Chain of Lakes Trail to do another 5:1 sesh on Wednesday. I have to say, Catriona and I KILLED it. Even though we were tired, and thought we might not make it, we did. Here’s a picture to prove it!

Also, the day after hills night, appreciating the trail is mostly flat ;)

Also, the day after hills night, appreciating the trail is mostly flat ;)

This quote really hit home this week: 



Thanks for reading my novel :)

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