One bad run doesn’t make you a bad runner …

Yesterday I was pumped for the long run – and we started … and things just weren’t going well. I couldn’t find my stride … I couldn’t find my breath, and then something popped in my knee. After that … I walked … which felt like a walk of shame. My fabulous team mates were having great runs … laughing and smiling and taking the streets by storm. I was so proud of them, but was feeling pretty sorry for myself.

So … I put on my big girl panties and thought of what I would say to any of my #TeamMyles members if they were struggling. When you take the focus away from the negative thoughts, and strip away the doubt, the message changes. If one of my team mates was having issues, I’d be reassuring, and tell them that one bad run does not make you a bad runner. That there are good runs, and bad runs, but you #KeepOnRunning. ┬áSometimes you catch your stride, and some days its a struggle just to show up. But showing up is what its all about.

If I wasn’t a part of #TeamMyles, and a mentor for new members, I would have put my tail between my legs and stopped. But … I didn’t. Yes, I walked, but when I arrived back to Point Pleasant Park – my whole team was there with High 5’s and ready for pictures. ┬áNot one person said anything negative … or chided me for walking, because we’re all about building each other up, motivation, inspiration, perspiration and dedication. I run among the gazelles, and the fierce, and I’m so proud to call them my team mates.

So, what I took away from a bad run yesterday, was that I want to challenge myself to work harder, not only on the physical aspect of running, but the mental game. I am so proud of my team mates for bringing it every single run, they are surmounting obstacles, they are raising the bar, and achieving new #MYlestones every week. #TeamMyles #HellsYa

In addition to the supportive runners on our team, we receive incredible support from very generous sponsors – we have been fully outfitted in #Rechargewithmilk gear – warmest hoodies ever! I’m still dazzled by my #WarriorPrincessPink #Brooks sneakers, our nutritionist #InnerPeas Coleen Nolan, always surprises us with fun new healthy recipes. A big shout out to the #RunningRoom who encourages runners every day. #CentricHealthLifeMark is looking after our aches and pains, and @360Fit Coach #DevinSherrington is a true #SuperHero – he takes the time to run with every team member, and encourages each one of us to push themselves just a little bit more – and for him, we do …. because he is pure #awesomeness, wrapped up in #badass, with a little dash of evil.

Onward and Upward, I’ll be back at hills on Tuesday, and for the long run on Saturday, after all, I am a runner.

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