Love, tootsies.

This post is all about gratitude, from my tootsies!
-because it’s always important to show your appreciation!

I had the pleasure of visiting with Paul from #LifeMark Physiotherapy last week, another one of the amazing benefit of being part of Team Myles that I am SO grateful for!

The experience was wonderful! I had never had a foot assessment before, but had always wanted to since I have very high arches… I learned some exciting new things about my self! Such as, I have hyper-mobility! Exciting, I know… What is hyper-mobility, you ask?

You didn’t ask, you say?
Well, that’s fine. I’m going to tell you anyways!

hyper-mobility is a condition that features joints that easily move beyond the normal range expected for a particular joint.
-In layman’s terms: I’m very flexible.

I’ve always know this, but now I also know the cool name for it!

The most valuable part about learning this however, was how it can affect you as a runner. If you plan on being an acrobat, you probably don’t have much to worry about. As a runner, though… Symptoms of the joint hyper-mobility can include pain in the knees, ankles, hips, elbows; joints.

Because of this, Paul had also recommend regular strength training to tighten the muscle and ligaments around all of my wimbly-nimbly joint.
-which I can also take advantage of, courtesy of the incomparable Devin Sherrington and #360fit team!

Man, to count my blessing… I’d be here all day!

I was anxiously awaiting to find out what he thought of my shoe selection…
I had purchased a pair of Ghost 7s, by #Brooks after conducting quite a bit of research on which would be the optimal running shoe for, well, me! They are breathable, flexible, cushioned, yet sturdy, great from running long distances, and  have excellent arch support for medium to high arches -such as mine! Based on my studies, this was the shoe for me! However, I was nervous Paul might have recommended a different pair…

Luckily enough, he wholeheartedly agreed with my selection!
Hooray, instincts!

*Honourable mention*
He also mentioned I had very straight bones, that were surprisingly well aligned.
-My feet are a bit turned in, so, I’m just proud of that.
Good job, bones! ^_^

Ghost 7s #Brooks

In closing,
from the top of my noggin, to the bottom of my soles,
Thank you!

Tootsies & the rest


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